ATM Cards or debit cards are one of those many amazing things which are offered by the banks to their customers. But ATM Cards can also turn your time into a nightmare as well. We are doing to discuss the same thing in this guide on The Google Blog today.

With the help of the ATM card, we can withdraw money from our bank accounts domestically and internationally. Internationally if your card is international and the international payments are enabled. Not only this you can also make the payments online as well as offline.

These things are the benefits of the ATM Card right?

Then what are the situations which might turn the time into a nightmare?

That is when you have lost your card somewhere.

And if you have lost the card then you should take immediate action to block the card. But what are the ways using which you can block your lost card?

All the ways that can be used by the customers of the bank to block their lost cards immediately.

So I have already answered the question let me cover it once more.

If you have lost your ATM Card or Debit Card then you should take immediate action to block the lost card by contacting your bank.

How to Block Your Lost Card Immediately?

The methods or ways which are mentioned here below are for the Indian Banking market. The people who have bank accounts with the banks operating in India can use these. You should also know that not all banks support all the methods.

So it is always recommended to verify the same with your bank. In most cases, it is not an issue to block the card. But the cardholder should act accordingly to the instructions of the bank. You can find the verified instructions to block the lost card on Bank With Us. Card blocking instructions for all the banks are published on that website.

The procedures remain the same for prepaid cards and credit cards as well. So if you have lost your prepaid card then you can follow the below mentioned methods to block it.

Using the IVR Option

All the banks support this option as soon as call the customer care the first voice you hear is of the IVR system of the bank. Here you have to choose the option to block the card by selecting the right IVR option and you are good to go. But this works only if you are using the registered mobile number.

Talking to the Executive

If you did not find the IVR option to be right for you. Then you can still block your card by talking to the customer care executive of the bank. All you have to do is choose the option to talk to the real human support of the bank. Soon you will be connected to one of them. Ask them to block your card and you are good to go.


Even sending an email to the bank’s support from your registered email id works. In this method, you have to write an email explaining that you have lost your card and want to block it. But you have to send this mail from your registered email id only. This method takes a little more time than others.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is one of the most convenient methods to block your card. Just go to the official website and login to your account. Choose the ATM card or debit card you wish to block and click on Block it.

Mobile Banking

If you have the mobile banking application installed on your smartphone. Then you can use the application as well. You just have to enter login details and MPIN to access your bank account over the app. Once you have logged in just like internet banking, select your debit card and block it.

SMS Banking

The banks in India encourage to use this method to block the card. Because the card will be blocked in real-time as soon as you send the SMS your card will be blocked. There are certain keywords assigned by the bank to block the card. You have to type the SMS mentioning those keywords and send it from your registered mobile number.


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