Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing Tier I cities in India with an ever bulging industrial sector. It records one of the highest migration for profession gradients as a metropolis in India with most often taking up residence on a long term basis, if not permanently. An obvious result of this has been a rising demand for affordable living space. Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has implemented its Affordable Housing Scheme in Bangalore to address this very issue and have already made immense progress in terms of construction. With easy home loan sanctioning and disbursement processes provided by financial institutions, its distribution has been quite successful too.

Types of apartments and how to avail

Priced modestly as a part of its objective to reach as many individuals as possible, the government project went on to introduce quite a few further discounts in order to boost real estate sales. Comprising 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments; initial response to this project was limited. As a result, the government adopted a policy of directly dealing with buyers leading to better results. Around 600 apartments were sold in 5 months, a bulk of it due to the easy availability of home loans in Bangalore.

NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv have not only brought forth financial products like home loans but ensured fast and easy approval. The hassle-free experience for working professionals aspiring to buy apartments has increasingly aided the cause.

Most common BHS locations

The locations at which these apartments have been built are scattered around the city across multiple locales. With NBFCs introducing competitive offers of easy housing loan eligibility, home loan offers along with the added advantage for the buyers to choose a convenient location has made the project a success. If you are a prospective applicant, you can refer to locales such as –

  • Alur: This locality has multiple apartments of all the 3 types. There are around 69 of 1 BHK flats with a built-up area of 475 square feet and priced at Rs. 8.14 Lakh. Of the 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats size between 1018 square feet and 1443 square feet, there are a total of 302 apartments. These are of 3 configurations and priced in between Rs. 30 Lakh and Rs. 50 Lakh.


  • Kommaghatta: At around 830 square feet, this location has 145 flats of 2 BHK configurations. These are priced at Rs. 14 Lakh. A total of another 318 flats, also of 2 BHK configurations are available. At 1060 square feet, these are priced at Rs. 32 Lakh. With competitive prices and easy home loan EMI being available, lots of these apartments have already been sold off.


  • Doddabanahalli: This locality had construction of 148 flats of 830 square feet and 2BHK, priced at Rs. 14 Lakh. In a later phase of construction, 342 more of such apartments have been planned here.


  • Kaniminike: Here, the prime focus has been on 1 BHK flats. 560 of the same, sized at 870 square feet and priced at Rs 14 Lakh have been constructed for sale. Around 158 of 2 BHKs sized at 1060 square feet have been priced at Rs. 30 Lakh. Another 68 3 BHK flats of 1430 square feet have been priced at Rs. 40 Lakh.

Ranging between the 3 types of apartments for sale, individuals can know all about top-up loans on their home loan in Bangalore apply for them to avail additional funds.

Apart from the above, there are quite a few other locations that have been used by the Bangalore Housing Scheme for its project. The decision regarding the type of apartment has been taken based on the industry of the location and its workforce.