What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open source and public computing platform. This computing platform of Ethereum is based on block chains.  Ethereum presents a worldwide blockchain technology application. This Ethereum platform features functionality of smart contract and its scripting functionality. It is to provide a Turing complete, decentralized virtual machine, which is popularly known as Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. This Ethereum Virtual Machine is capable of reading and executing the scripts. It uses an international network of public nodes in order to complete this task. Ethereum also provides an open source public computing platform to the developers who are constantly working to write applications those are decentralized.

Ethereum also provides a type of cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency or token is called ether. This ether can be transferred from one account to another account. Ether can also be used as rewards or compensation to the participant nodes, as and when they complete performing a computation. Ethereum is available with two varieties of accounts, known as Externally Owned Accounts, or EOA. This account provides a private key secured balance. These accounts work as holding objects to constitute a smart contract.

Ethereum was proposed and released by Vitalik Buterin, in the year 2013 and 2015 respectively. Mr. Vitalik Buterin is a researcher and programmer of Cryptocurrencies. This Ethereum system went live on July 30th, 2015. It had 11.9 million pre-mined coins.

Ethereum is gaining the confidence of cryptocurrency miners with time. Mining Ethereum has started proving itself profitable in earning Ethereum, similar to other cryptocurrency.

Ethereum was forked in the year 2016.  It was forked into two different block chains. The latest forked Ethereum is called Ethereum Classic. The abbreviation of both the Ethereums is ETH and ETC.

What is Smart Contract?  

This smart contract is a computer protocol. It is designed to verify, enforce and facilitate the performance or negotiation of a contract. This contract is a binding and legal agreement between two or more than two voluntary parties. This contract remains enforceable by law. Smart contracts are essential parts of use in association with cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts provide superior security to traditional contract law. It also helps in considerably reducing another cost of the transaction, which is associated with contracting. Smart contracts provide Ethereum the capacity and capability to accommodate autonomous organizations those are decentralized.

What is Ethereum wallet?

The nature of Ethereum wallet is standard. This Ethereum wallet is known as MIST. This wallet is used by the developers to work as a gateway to use DApps. Ethereum wallet functions similar to another cryptocurrency wallet. Ethereum can be transacted with online wallets also, apart from Mist wallets.

What is Ethereum mining?

Mining is a word in a crypto currency that is derived from mining Gold. Gold is a precious metal and is an internationally approved resource. This metal needs to be mined out. Ethereum mining is also a similar activity of accruement of Ethereum. Ethereum mining takes place via authentication and validation of its network transactions. Mining is an activity to participate in the validation of transactions. This is done to confirm all activity taking place in block chains. This validation activity can be done from home computers or tailored rigs.

The mining has the task of generating and collecting more money by collecting more Ethereum, than the money spent by the miner on power consumption bill in mining activity. Beginners get better returns by joining and participating in a mining pool.

What is Ethereum Mining Hardware?

Ethereum mining can best be done with Graphics Processing Units, instead of Computer Processing Units. Application Specific Integrated Circuit hardware also has proved to be specifically effective for mining Ethereum, which is Proof of work based cryptocurrency. If a miner is interested in building her/his mining rig, he/she will need a set of exclusive mining hardware.

How to start mining Ethereum?

It has become relatively easy to start Ethereum mining now. The need of downloading full Ethereum blockchain, over 20GB and growing, is unnecessary.

The miner needs to follow the simple procedure of getting into Ethereum mining software folder to start Ethereum mining. The miner needs to type “cd cpp”. It should be followed by pressing the tab and enter keys. A repeat pressing of the tab should provide the display of “C\Program Files\cpp-ethereum>”. Now the miner needs to key in “ethminer-G”, followed by pressing Enter key, to start mining Ethereum with her/his Graphics Processing Unit.

Advantages of Ethereum mining-

Ethereum mining provides the miners the opportunity to make some extra money. It may prove to be a stream of income. The constant price movements in the crypto currency serve the user as her/his potential investment. Ethereum mining work can easily be done from home. Ethereum mining can be started as a side business at first. The miner can later migrate to Ethereum miming once profitability is visible to her/him. Ethereum mining provides and promised an endless opportunity to earn,  to the miner.


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