Smart Financial Tips for the Struggling Single Parents

At some point in life, almost everyone or the other requires diverse financial management tips, so that they can handle all the financial decisions in a smart and strategic manner. These tips are mostly required by the single parents because they are handling everything on their own right from the finances within their home to everything outside. If the household of a single parent is not going through a particular pattern that is going to help in managing the money, it is obvious that they are going to make financial decisions that are absolutely wrong. Most of them think that they have a lot of money as they are spending on a regular basis but the truth is that they are already short of money. This is going to force them to end up being in debt. has revealed that 43% of adults are drowning in debt.

Being a single parent is extremely difficult because you do not have anyone with whom you can share your load. It is important that you act both as a father as well as a mother to the kids. It is also your responsibility to provide for the entire household and the children financially. Ending up in debt means you have to spend the rest of the days trying to repay it back; which is going to be extremely stressful as well. It is much better to follow various financial tips instead of ending up in a neck deep debt. This is why it is the single parents that require the tips for managing their finances. They have to ensure that the finances are not losing control.

If you are a single parent who finds it difficult to handle money, you can consider the following management tips, which have been mentioned below.

Creating a budget

A smart budget plan helps in maintaining complete control over the finances. It helps in viewing both the income that you have as well as the expenses. When you have an idea about both your income as well as your expenses, it will be easier for you to take financial decisions that are much better and easier. The only thing that you have to ensure is that you are not going beyond the total income that you have. No matter what expenses you have, it should not exceed the income because this means that it is going to create debt. Spending below the income amount is one of the best ideas because it is going to provide extra money for saving for the critical situations, which will help in securing the finances. The budget plan that you have will help in identifying all your expenses and cut down the ones which are not required or will help you to determine if you are spending too much on anything particular.

Regularly checking the budget

As your kids start growing up, it is obvious that the needs that they have will also start changing. Similarly, the priorities that you have as a parent will also change to a great extent. When your kid was young, you needed to pay for the care of your kid. They start going to their schools after 2 or 3 years and this is where the expenses will start increasing. Ensure that the budget that you have already planned is capable of adapting to these changes. Set up systems, which will assist you by prompting whenever it is time for you to check the budget plan and make out if it is still applicable to the current situation that you are in.

Monitoring the credit

It is absolutely alright if you are using credit. This is required especially if you are interested in maintaining an appropriate credit score. However, you cannot forget to be careful with the credit. Ensure that you are not borrowing beyond the total amount that you are capable of paying back. Also, you should be using credit as and when necessary. If you are interested in using your credit card for purchasing groceries so that you can benefit from the various kinds of rewards, ensure that it is already included in the budget plan that you have created. In this manner, you will be able to pay for the card when the bill comes at the end of the month. This will make sure that you do not have any withstanding money to pay later on.

Monitoring the use of credit is also important and you can do this by downloading the credit report. You will get free credit reports every year from the major bureaus of credit. In case if you are in debt and you’re looking for the debt relief programs, you can visit the reputed website of

Learning to say no

This is something that can seem unusual in comparison to the financial tips that have been mentioned above. However, it is crucial that you learn to say no in certain situations. It is important that you are honest with the financial situation that you are in. Numerous parents hesitate to discuss it with their kids even when they are struggling financially. At the end of the day, this does not do any good. When you are completely honest in front of your kid as well as yourself regarding the things that you are capable of affording and the things that you are not, will make you and the kids conscious of the finance. This is one of the best ways of raising your kids as individuals who are financially responsible.

Having a plan for critical situations

Another important thing that you should definitely not miss is having a financial future that is secure. This is why you should ensure that you have a proper financial plan for emergency situations. If in case anything happens to you your kids should have proper knowledge as to what they should be doing. Also, keep a plan ready about who is going to look after your kids and receive the assets that you have in case of your untimely death.


As a single parent, you have numerous responsibilities not only for yourself but also for your kid. Avoiding debt is also crucial so that your kids do not suffer when you are gone. Follow the smart financial tips that have been mentioned above and you will surely be able to handle your finance in a great manner.



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