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We all know that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you swipe your card to pick up groceries or pay for petrol and the clerk tells you it has been declined. Or when you go to pay the rent or fix up the electricity bill and find there is only a single figure sum left in your bank account – not even enough to get cash out of an ATM. If you are struggling and need to find money fast, we have some suggestions that should help you make ends meet.

Short-Term Cash Loans

One option is to take out a quick cash loan. But don’t get caught out by an expensive loan shark who will be sniffing around waiting to collect double the initial sum in interest at the end of the month. Instead, search for no-interest loans online. The trick is to borrow a small amount that you know you will be able to pay back when your next paycheck comes through. It might be tempting to get a little extra to treat yourself to a night out or some takeaway, but you need to avoid getting into a cycle of debt that you can’t escape.

Credit Card

As long as you know that you are sensible with your budgeting and won’t get carried away spending money that you don’t have, a credit card can be an excellent way to build up a robust credit rating. At the same time, you know you have an emergency backstop if you ever need one. Keep the credit card limit low and make sure you clear the debt in full every month before the bank charges you interest. If you start considering a spending spree on non-essential items, it might be time to cut up the card.

Sell Your Stuff Online

Another way to make a quick buck is to sell some of your unused possessions on eBay. Do you have any furniture that you don’t need? The fancy dress that you wore to your friend’s wedding but are never going to wear again? A pair of jeans that don’t fit you anymore? All of these things could be earning you money. Before you list anything, do some research and figure out which platform is best for that sale. Check out eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace to start. Then, take some photos and make sure you include lots of information about the item.

Start a Side Hustle

Are you finding that you are a bit short of cash frequently? If you could do with some extra money in your pocket on an ongoing basis (I think we would all say yes to that!), consider starting a side hustle. You can list your services on one of the online platforms (UpWork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are an excellent place to start). Earn money for moving heavy items, gardening, writing, graphic design, data entry, and more. There are all kinds of opportunities out there.

Sign Up for Online Paid Surveys

If you are currently in lockdown or immunocompromised, you might not be able to help someone shift their piano. But what you can do, from the comfort of your own home, is fill in surveys. Companies who need to gather data will often pay people to complete a survey. It can be time-consuming, but it is a relatively easy way to pick up some extra cash each month.

These five tips should help you to get through to your next payday. Good luck!


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