Manual chainsaws are a thing of past now. In the modern world, most of the buyers look for an electric chainsaw because of its portability and convenient usage. A motor dependent cutting machine simplifies your work so that you can cover more logs without spending much time in the field. Whether you are trying to cut some trees or looking to finish some construction-related tasks, an electric chainsaw works great and provides you with the desired results without wasting much time.

Types of Electric Chainsaws

Corded: As you can easily understand, corded saws are mains powered and requires a power cable to draw energy. The general power output of these machines varies between 8 to 15 amps, which means you easily use one of them to perform multiple cutting tasks. You will be amazed to know that a 15-amp motor generates a power that’s equal to a petrol engine worth 40 cc.

Cordless: Such chainsaws are battery operated. Most of the cordless cutting machine uses Lithium-ion batteries that are efficient and powerful but seeks minimal maintenance. Moreover, a Li-ion battery works at high energy density. Means, they offer better runtime than Ni-Cad batteries, so that you can easily cover a small or medium-sized sawing project. Cordless chainsaws are available with power varying between 20 to 40V, wherein higher voltage simply means more power.


Eco-friendly: Electric chainsaws operate without releasing any carbon fumes and hence they are almost harmless for our environment.

Easy to start: Both corded and cordless chainsaws are easy to start. Like gas propelled machines, you don’t have to pull any startup cords. Pressing a button is the only starting process.

Lightweight: Electric chainsaws are lightweight and it’s one of the major positive impacts they make on your sawing projects. When compared to gas propelled versions, a corded or cordless chainsaw is lighter and hence, it saves you from early fatigue. Among the electric models, battery dependent models are heavier because of the attached battery.

Low sound level: Another great thing about the electric chainsaws is that they don’t operate at high decibels. The noise generated by such machines is similar to a washing machine, which is useful when you are living in an area where the neighbours are living close to your house. It’s the primary reason why corded or cordless cutting machines are suitable for hospitals, schools, resorts and any other areas where the residents can be sensitive to noise.

Minimal maintenance: Electric chainsaws don’t ask for regular maintenance. Lubricating and tightening the chainsaw is common with all the models. However, you don’t have to worry about the engine maintenance in case of a corded or cordless variant. Also, there is no need for fuel mixing.


Only suitable for household usage: Most of the cordless chainsaws are only suitable for casual cutting projects. If you need to deal with a high-end project or complete a bigger task, then a powerful corded or gas propelled machine might be better. Battery operated cutting tools works well for the cutting tasks in or around your residence, office and farm.

Restricted coverage: In case of a corded chainsaw, the power cable restricts the area it can cover. A nearby electric outlet is required to use a mains powered cutting machine. If you don’t have any outlet around the working site, then you need to invest again on an extension box.

Similarly, a battery dependend version runs out of charge after performing for a certain period.  Either you can wait while its recharges or invest on a spare battery, which is an addition to the initial cost.

Should you buy an electrical saw?

You can purchase one of the electrical chainsaws in case of the following conditions

  • You will use the chainsaw occasionally
  • You need a lightweight cutting machine that can take care of the small and medium cutting tasks
  • You are living in a noise-sensitive building or area
  • You can easily find a power outlet near the worksite

On the other hand, you should not consider buying an electrical chainsaw if

  • You are looking for a long-lasting cutting machine that can deal with heavy-duty cutting projects
  • You own a large price of land with minimal electrical outlets

You are a beginner in the sawing world


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