Shipping Pallets
Shipping Pallets

Shipping pallets can be different not only in size but also the material of which these are made. You need to first consider specific factors to ensure you make the right choice. Each of these types of pallets has its own set of advantages and own set of disadvantages. Going through the different information on this can help you choose better. Now you can also find some plastic pallets in the market which are cost effective and durable. But wooden pallets are the best for you because they are recyclable, eco-friendly and you can also re-sell these wooden pallets to earn some money. Apart from that, for international shipment, customs authorities can only accept wooden pallets and you must ensure their norms during your international shipment.

Different types of pallets available on the market:

  • Metal Pallets: Metal pallets are made of aluminum or steel and thus work out long-lasting. These pallets are resistant to moisture and work ideally for the storage and transportation of heavy goods. They are beneficial as they do not splinter like the pallets made of wood.
  • Wooden Pallets: Wooden pallets, which are available in different designs, are ideal for one-way flow. These pallets are ideal for racks storage and tend to be durable to a large extent. Easy to repair, these pallets are cost-effective as these can be made of materials which are recycled. Construction of these pallets is quick and easy. This works out as an environmental friendly and you can also customize these pallets as per your needs. Apart from that, you can also resale these wooden pallets to earn money and you can recycle these pallets to develop other items.
  • Lightweight Plywood Pallets: Light or medium weight goods which require packaging can be packed in these pallets. As these are light in weight and they work as an affordable shipping Pallets option. These pallets cannot get affected by heat and moisture, and you can use these pallets for domestic shipments.
  • Plastic Pallets: Plastic pallets work out well for most transport applications and can be reused a number of times without any specific maintenance. These have an anti-slip surface and high loading capacity. These pallets are resistant not only to impact, shock but also corrosion and humidity. These are considered as long lasting as most of them last for 10 years and more. Plastic pallets are also considered as a ‘safe’ option as they are resistant to most chemicals, alkalis, and acids.

Advantages offered by Shipping Pallets:

Making a choice of shipping pallets offers more than one benefit to shippers and manufacturers.

  • Shipping pallets offer ease in the transportation of goods. Stacking multiple goods on a single pallet makes it easier for the shipping company as they can keep a track without much confusion. Besides this, the goods are safeguarded against any possible damage due to the transportation.
  • As compared to cardboard boxes and plastic wrappers, pallets are a stronger option. These tend to keep the goods off the ground, saving them from dirt or standing water. Most of the pallets available these days can be re-used, making them a worthwhile investment.
  • Though strong, pallets are usually light in weight and take up less space. This can be stored in stacks one on top of the other without any damage.
  • Made of materials which are recyclable, pallets work out an environmental friendly option for easy transportation or storing.

Before conducting a search for a pallet manufacturer, it is important that you consider your requirement. You need to have a clear picture of the type of pallet you need, the size, material and so on. Conducting an online search, look for well-reputed manufacturers who have some experience in this business.


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