Cheap wooden blinds
Cheap wooden blinds

Homes use lots of energy and even more so when in big luxurious houses. Most of this energy used in modern homes is attributed to keeping them lit up and temperature regulated depending on the weather conditions they are located in. A home in a colder climate will be customized to keep interior rooms warm and cozy while a home in hotter climate will be ideally designed to keep the outside heat blocked away. Widows are found commonly in domestic home buildings regardless of where they are located and how they are designed. These windows present great opportunities to home owners to enhance not only their design themes but also improve on their energy consumption taking a huge positive affect on the reduction of energy bills at the same time as well.

There is plenty of daylight, fresh air and outside temperatures that can be made use of in interiors during specific time of the day. Daylight for example can replace all the artificial light produced from light bulbs and other sources during the bright periods reducing energy bills and energy consumption at the same time. This is where window treatments count the most and there being many different types of window treatments available, such as, blinds, shades, shutters or drapes, all the different design requirements along with improving on energy and bills reduction can be achieved at the same time. Here’s how to save money and energy with functional window treatments:


Windows shades are perfect examples of energy efficient window treatments. These hug the window glass closely and can keep interiors much temperature regulated at all times. If you are in a colder region of the world like the UK or Canada, the ideal installation will be with the darker side of the shades facing outwards absorbing all the heat and transferring it in and if you are in a hotter region of the world like Dubai or the Subcontinent, having the lighter side facing outwards will block off most of the heat of the sun.

You can always open up your windows with shades installed on them to let in adequate amount of fresh air or daylight when required while being assured that you will be spending much less energy to keep your interiors artificially warm or cooled down depending on where you live.


Window shutter are probably the most affective window treatments when it comes to blocking off extreme outside temperatures. Different versions of shutters can be installed on either sides of your windows and when you choose the ones that are fitted outside the window glass, their maximum potential and efficiency in terms of keeping outside temperatures blocked off is available.

When shut, these also provide dark interiors perfect for sleeping in or resting. You can also get these shutters in different materials, natural woods, hard composite or even very durable plastic materials are all available. Inside mounted fabrics can work great as well when you have colored them according to your interior color themes.


Made from all fabric materials, these window covering options are some of the best when you want to mix traditional and contemporary design themes. Their fabric materials can be colored in any required combinations and printed in any required beautiful designs while their large canvas covers your windows up very efficiently. Fabrics are known to provide great temperature insulation and these drapes work pretty much the same, keeping the inside regulated temperatures for the rooms and not letting in much of the outside extreme temperatures regardless of which side being warm to cold.

These typical drapes are rather large in size and will take up much space on your windows and wall. However, placing matching accents around the room in terms of designs and colors like furniture coverings, wall art or even bed sheets in bedrooms can make the whole room appear in one theme. Additionally, you can slide these drapes off to any of their sides when daylight is required for the interiors.  When looking for options on how to save money and energy with functional window treatments, drapes provide a great option indeed.


Windows blinds are a much modern and great looking treatment option. These come in many different shapes, designs, materials and styles making it possible for home owners to dress their windows up with lots of style and theme their walls and windows perfectly. Cheap wooden blinds are much more wallet efficient when compared with curtains, drapes, shutters or other forms of window coverings. Here are some of the unique window blinds types that can help you reduce energy bills:

Automated Roller Blinds

Made to measure blinds in roller style are some of the most popular around the world. Not only are these available in many different color combinations with unique printed designs as well, but fitting automatic motors on them, can boost up their energy efficiency a great deal as well. The motorized mechanisms can be operated via smartphone or digital tablet based apps and can also be programmed to change positions at certain times of the day opening windows up for daylight during the day and shutting them down for privacy during the dark times. Doing this, these motorized roller blinds keep your energy consumption and bills down to the minimum making use of natural daylight as much as possible instead of artificially produced expensive luminosity.

Efficient Roman Blinds

Cheap Roman blinds are another very popular type of windows blinds and can help a great deal in better energy consumption and energy bills reduction as well. These are made from thick fabrics that can block excess outside temperatures efficiently while keeping the indoors regulate temperatures confined for the rooms. Folding on their own materials chunk by chunk, these can reveal the window glass for daylight maximization during the daytime as well.

Bright Vision Blinds

Vision blinds are known as some of the most daylight enhancing windows blinds options available. These are made from composite materials that form unique patterns with their perforated surface treatments. Having these machine drilled holes in their surfaces and not much of a closing or folding mechanism, these are designed to mostly stay in one window covering position. Because these fail to provide dark cozy rooms, their usage is usually beneficial in a commercial office based interior and not so much in domestic homes including bedrooms or even living rooms. However, when installed in an office setting, these will keep the interiors nicely bright and lit up during the day time requiring not much artificial lighting at all minimizing energy bills and consumption at the same time.


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