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For organizations, it is critical to take care of customer needs for the sake of a long-term relationship. Whenever a customer tries to reach for help, giving a quick response gets extremely important to leave a positive impression. As per industry reports, low response time shows what kind of support service you are delivering. What’s more, prompt responses upheave CX levels by 40%.

Customers, particularly ones belong to ‘Generation Z’ often start losing their patience after waiting for 2 minutes. They abandon the interaction initiated for one-stop resolutions to product-related issues, after being done with waiting. This, as a negative consequence, brings the problem of negative WOM and customer turnover, and these factors can discolor the brand image in the blink of an eye.

Hence, it is crucial to keep the average response time in control. And doing so isn’t simple as there are times when you have to choose between FCR (first call resolution) and AHT (average handle time). For the sake of maintaining business credibility, the first priority should be given to FCR.

To protect the business from the negative aftereffects of high response time, companies usually avail customer care services from a recognized call center in India, USA, etc.

By perusing below-given pointers, you will learn how specialized customer service providers control the average response time. So, let’s start:

1.    Give first-string training to your service reps

The quality of customer service majorly depends on what skillsets support reps possess. This is so because skillful service agents guarantee the delivery of exceptional solutions during customer interactions. According to the reports surfacing over the internet, nimble support agents improve CX levels by up to 37%.

Therefore, call centers in India give first-class training to their service reps with the goal of ensuring impeccable solutions for customers. This move always does the trick because trained agents conclude service interactions aptly and quickly. This ensures a faster response for those customers who are waiting in a call queue.

So, if you are running a business and willing to expand your customer base by improving the response time, avail customer support services from call centers in India.

2.    Bring self-service into the play

Reducing the volume of customer calls is significant to slash the average response time. It is prominent because if there are so many customer calls to answer, it would be very difficult to control the waiting time. It goes without saying when average response time starts soaring, both customer satisfaction and business’ brand image get affected negatively.

To decrease the number of customer calls, every reputed call center in India activates a self-service option for customers. Owing to this sagacious move, customers not looking for human response resolve issues on their own. Besides dwindling the call volume, this also results in high CSAT score, as no customer likes to wait for the support agent’s response when there are generic issues to wipe out.

What’s more, customers seeking immediate resolutions get a faster response, which as a positive consequence, results in soaring CX levels.

At the present time, providing self-service facility has become crucial as 69% of customers expect brands to offer it, so that reliance on service agents regarding support gets reduced to some extent.

In a nutshell, a self-service facility dwindles the average response time and paves the way for higher CX levels. Now, you can understand why eminent call center service providers rate the self-service facility so high.

3.    Let agents make crucial decisions

By and large, prestigious call center service providers succeed in delivering unequaled solutions because they let their agents take crucial decisions during customer interactions. Due to this, ongoing service interactions end rapidly, which fortifies the brand image.

Allowing service agents to take important decisions during customer interaction is significant as they don’t have to put customers on hold only for the sake of getting permission from higher authorities. Generally, support agents have a clear idea about which actions can help to deliver satisfactory resolutions, but they have to wait for permissions from the concerned person, and this consequently, upheaves the average handle time. At last, there is a negative impact on the average response time.

Of course, call centers in India allow service agents to take the matter to higher authorities, but only when the situation gets critical.

To make sure that agents deliver quick and reliable solutions without the intervention of senior reps, Indian call centers provide a comprehensive knowledge base. This results in a faster conclusion of service interactions, which, in turn, secures a quicker response for other customers.

So, if you want to delight your customers by giving instant repose and A-Okay resolutions, get in touch with an established customer support provider.

4.    Speed up greetings part

To make customers’ support experience positive, it is imperative to be good with your hellos and sendoffs. Customers love to be assisted in an amicable manner, however, when support agents provide assistance in an impersonalized manner, this affects the overall service experience negatively. But the thing that will you surprised is long greetings also irk customers as the AHT soars.

That’s why keeping the greetings part short and sweet is significant. Plus, if you don’t waste much time in opening and closing greetings, customer interactions are likely to conclude sooner rather than later. As a corollary, other customers waiting in a call queue will get a faster response. To put it briefly, speeding up the greetings is the key to stopping average response time from rising.

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