Brake Rotors
Brake Rotors

Before talking about the brake rotors, it is important to get into the details of its working mechanism. The device plays an important role in the braking system right from the ground up to stop the vehicles. On applying the brakes, the pad clamps on to rotor and the vehicle comes to a screeching halt. Drivers think that changing the brake fluid and cleaning would make the system fine, but they tend to forget about the rotor. The rotor is an important cog in the wheel that needs repairing or replacement depending on the severity of the problem. Here are the steps that you can take to resolve the issue in an impeccable manner:

Gather the supplies: 

One of the most important factors is to collect the tools that are needed to accomplish the task. Light source accompanied by brake fluid and hydraulic jack is essential to carry on the repairing process. Before taking the DIY route, you should double ensure of doing the job or else you may further call the experts to handle the situation. It is also important to find the wire string that extends to a significant length. 

Removal of the old components:

Remember to wear the gloves to protect the hands from grease and other chemicals while performing the auto repairing job. It is a good practice and may be strictly adhered to future auto repair jobs. In fact, gloves are one of those essential items that can turn very handy at times in protecting people from accidents. Therefore, you can say grime that often covers the hands whenever the brake assembly is opened up.

Raising the sedan: 

One of the most important steps is to raise the vehicle with the help of the hydraulic jack. One can remove the lug nuts and block the other wheels from rolling the frontal versions. People may have to release the parking brakes so that the wheels can be raised in an impeccable manner.

You can complete the job by using hand tools or jack, however, the task becomes easier especially when you make a right usage of a powerful wrench and an automatic hydraulic jack. Such equipment goes a long way in optimizing the effort to deliver sterling results to the users. In order to lift the vehicle with a jack, make sure that only the thick metal part of the undercarriage is used. If the device presses into a thin metal, it may create a gaping hole causing lots of problems in the long run.

Support of the vehicle on a heavy-duty jack is required so that accidental slippages can be avoided in an impeccable manner. It is also important to move the car sideways to avoid falling off the jack. In short, caution is advised while you are undertaking the replacement job.

Removal of the wheel: 

You should now remove the wheel as the components of the brake rotors are mounted behind it. You may further require unscrewing the lug nuts and remove the wheel. It will immediately expose not only the rotor but also the hub and the callipers.

Removing the calliper is essential in the next step for seamless replacement of the defective parts. You should take out the calliper and hang it by the wire. Make sure that the brake hose is not affected by tension or it may break down and hamper thee activities to a great extent.

You should never remove the calliper from the brake line because it may cause the leakage of the brake fluid and result in the air accumulation in the pipes. Moreover, a situation may also arise where you might have to cut the tube to release the extra air.

The last step is to take out the rotor however the task is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, the components get stuck due to corrosion and dirt, therefore make sure to tap the place with the hammer by putting the wooden block on the rotor.


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