Audi A4
Audi A4

When we talk about midsized or small sized sedan, we cannot unseen the new Audi A4. Audi is one of the companies that are way ahead of other companies in terms of technology. It is well known for the state of the art of technology. It is really elegant, comfortable and better than before in every way. The seats are really comfortable thus making it one of the most comfortable cars till date. The A4 is very appealing and attractive.

Audi has made huge sales in India. It is well known for the affordable cars it manufactures. Yet many people may not be able to get this car. People may dream to get their hands on this car. They should not give up on this car just because they do not have sufficient funds. They can go for a used Audi A4 In Delhi. Audi is one of the best small sized sedan you can ever get. It is definitely a value for money vehicle. You would not be disappointed that you invested in this car. You will be glad and proud to own an Audi A4.

This car is not less than a beast. The engine packs a serious sense of power. Underneath the hood you can find a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It provides an amazing torque of 273 lb-ft with a 252 horsepower which is 30 more than the previous models. The deal does not end here it even has a seven-speed automatic transmission for smoother shifts. With such power comes great responsibility. Therefore, Audi makes sure that the people inside the car are safe at all costs. They have some new and interesting safety features. The auto-on headlights work really well along with the standard rear camera. One of the best features is the presence feature. It detects any movement of people or other vehicles on the road. This gives you sense of security by keeping you alert. Not only this, but the systems will apply brakes automatically and imminently if it senses any sort of collision with any object, pedestrian or vehicle whatsoever. The MMI infotainment system is one of the technologies that keep you attracted to this car. This luxury car has a touchpad knob which really makes things a lot easier for you while swiping through features. You can even connect your phone to use some of the features of this car. The keyless ignition is the modern day trend and Audi does not stay behind as such. If anything, Audi is one of the innovators. You are bound to be a lot more comfortable once you step foot inside this vehicle. This vehicle provides maximum comfort for the people who have to go through daily commute. The material inside is very soft grouped with the leather seats. The interior of this vehicle is based on your convenience at every step. The interior is simply elegant and stylish. You can know that you are in a luxurious vehicle by owning this vehicle.

Audi: plus is one of the customer base services. It allows people to get the second hand cars from the parent company. You would not have to depend on any other source which may not be reliable at all. With Audi you can be assured to have safety and warranty of the vehicle that you will choose to own. They give you a car as good as new. The engineers make sure that you would not have to face any difficulty or any sort of problem with the vehicle you will own.

So if you want a small and affordable luxury sedan, then this is your go to car!


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